Soundproof Pool Pump & Filter Enclosure

Model : 111311
Soundproof Pool Pump & Filter Enclosure
43in (W) x 53in (D) x 45in (H)

$2,719.00 + Free Shipping


$2,719.00 + Free Shipping

The Pool Filter & Pump Cover comes in various sizes and configurations to cater for every layout.
The slim models cater for more confined spaces whilst the backless models cater for situations when you have less than 2 inches from the equipment to the wall / fence.

The smaller models (< 45 inches in width) will easily fit a filter (cartridge or sand), a pump, a chlorinator, and the power points. The larger models (> 45 inches in width) will fit a filter (sand or cartridge), multiple pumps, spa blowers, chlorinators and more.

Single units have 1 access point from the front (fully removable door) and 1 from the top (lid opens by approx. 40 inches). Double (and larger units) have 2+ removable front doors and 2+ top lids.

Reduces noise by 80%! – Assembles in as little as 15 minutes with absolutely NO NUTS / BOLTS or any TOOLS. Galvanized & Powder Coated – Rust Proof. Protects your Pool Pump / Filter with engineered ventilation gaps, easy lift out access from front and top.

External Measurements
43.31in (W) x 53.15in (D) x 45.08in (H)
Internal Measurements
41.41in (W) x 51.25in (D) x 43.38in (H)
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