Soundproof Pool Pump & Filter Enclosure

Model : B271309
Soundproof Pool Pump & Filter Enclosure
109in (W) x 53in (D) x 35in (H)

$3,839.00 + Free Shipping


$3,839.00 + Free Shipping

The Pool Filter & Pump Cover comes in various sizes and configurations to cater for every layout.
The slim models cater for more confined spaces whilst the backless models cater for situations when you have less than 2 inches from the equipment to the wall / fence.

The smaller models (< 45 inches in width) will easily fit a filter (cartridge or sand), a pump, a chlorinator, and the power points. The larger models (> 45 inches in width) will fit a filter (sand or cartridge), multiple pumps, spa blowers, chlorinators and more.

Single units have 1 access point from the front (fully removable door) and 1 from the top (lid opens by approx. 40 inches). Double (and larger units) have 2+ removable front doors and 2+ top lids.

Reduces noise by 80%! – Assembles in as little as 15 minutes with absolutely NO NUTS / BOLTS or any TOOLS. Galvanized & Powder Coated – Rust Proof. Protects your Pool Pump / Filter with engineered ventilation gaps, easy lift out access from front and top.

External Measurements
109.37in (W) x 53.15in (D) x 35.43in (H)
Internal Measurements
107.47in (W) x 51.25in (D) x 33.73in (H)
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All our Pool Filter / Pump Covers can be assembled in as little as 15 minutes (single box) up to 60 minutes (double box) with no handiwork experience or any tools.

The Material & Fabrication

The Pool Filter & Pump Cover weights approx. between 132 LBS and 250 LBS in total, depending on the model, and is made of 0.03 inch thick Galvanised steel and finished with dense powder coating. All external and internal accessories are either galvanized or made of solid 304 stainless steel. The galvanization means that the box is designed not to rust for 15+ years. The unique design and fabrication ensure the enclosure can withstand harsh / extreme weather conditions.

Internal Design

The box has 0.8-inch-thick dressed pine timber piece on the rear panel – for affixing controller units, Chlorinators, and power points/GPOs.

Engineered Ventilation Gaps

There are also 1-inch ventilation gaps at the front and back of the box allowing for sufficient airflow in and out of the box to protect the pump.

Easy access – servicing equipment

The rear ventilation gap also allows for conduits / wirings to pass through in and out of the box (for example: power chords.). The lid can be totally removed (2 easy hinge pins on either side) allowing for larger conduits / equipment to pass through.

The front of the box allows for unhindered access into the box – making servicing the equipment a breeze. The front door can be fully removed with no bars across the middle of the box – which means that you can physically step inside the box when servicing the equipment.

Acoustic Foam

The 0.8-inch-thick Acoustic Foam (29/400 grade) is industrially affixed internally on every panel – and comes certified by an independent Acoustic Engineer to reduce noise by up to 80%.

Child Safety

The Pool Filter & Pump cover is designed with child safety features making it virtually impossible for children to access the box. The box can also be locked using any common lock.

Our Pool Filter / Pump Enclosures:

  • Reduce noise by 80% – certified by an independent Acoustic Engineer – download the report here
  • Assemble in as little as 15 minutes – NO NUTS, BOLTS or any TOOLS needed.
  • Offer more internal space for easier access – with no bars across the entry and a fully removable front door
  • Save money on design – A custom designed box made from timber or other material will usually cost more – and will not look as good!
  • Save money on equipment – Inferior or cheaper alternatives may cost you more money in the long run as they may be poorly ventilated and damage your equipment.
  • Are industrially designed to provide enhanced sturdiness yet lighter than other models on the market
  • Come with clear 3D & Illustrated installation instructions
  • 10 Standard colours – custom colours available on request for a small fee
  • Child safety features – making it difficult for children to access the box


  1. The external measurements are nearly the same as the internal measurements throughout the box except for the bottom and top of the box – where the metal bends to allow for the acoustic foaming to be housed.
  2. It is advisable to allow for an additional 0.4-0.8 inch on all asides of your Concrete slab (if laying the box on a slab)
  3. The lid requires 1.7 inch of clearance at rear to fully open. Please consider if placing the box against a wall or other hard surfaces.
  4. Backless enclosures are designed for the lid to open without hitting the wall / fence. The deign caters for this through the use of 2 additional parts at the back – “wall strips” which add 2 inches to the depth of the enclosure


The unique design of our Pool Filter / Pump enclosures means that there are absolutely NO NUTS & BOLTS and NO need for any TOOLS to assemble the box. On average, models that are < 67 Inches in width (single) take 15-20 minutes to assemble and models that are > 67 inches take 45 – 60 minutes (two people suggested).

The panels are joined at the bottom by 4 corner brackets and locked at the top by 4 corner caps.

The box will come packed in large cardboard boxes (2+ boxes – depending on size).

Please click here to watch our 3D assembly instructions

Delivery & Freight

The Acoustic Box™ delivers to all states in USA.

Delivery cost is generally $495 – $995 – depending on size & location.

Delivery lead times is (on average) 14-28 business days from the date the order is confirmed (payment date) – lead time will depend on location.

Terms and Conditions

A) Deliveries

  1. Deliveries within all mainland States (USA) is 14-28 business days. Please add 7-14 days for offshore states
  2. The above delivery terms are for standard sizes and colours only. Please contact us for custom sizes and/or colour orders for exact prices and delivery lead times.
  3. The Pool Pump Cover™ will deliver to the address and on the dates as indicated on the order form / other correspondence. We are unable to guarantee an exact delivery time. Delivery will take place between 7 am – 6 pm.
  4. The driver/courier will deliver to the person specified on the order form. In the event the person is not at the property / no person is specified, the driver will leave the product(s) as close as practically possible to the front door of the property.
  5. The Pool Pump Cover™ does not take any responsibility for any lost or damaged product(s) after delivery.


B) Warranties, exchanges, refunds & faulty goods

  1.  Any claims for damaged or faulty products must be reported to The Pool Pump Cover™ within 24 hours of delivery, otherwise it will be deemed the product(s) are received in good order and the full amount as per the invoice is payable.
  2. In the event the product(s) is damaged or faulty due to an error by The Pool Pump Cover™, we will deliver a new product(s) or panel(s) as per the order form. Delivery date for a replacement will be made within the same lead times as above.
  3. Any changes to orders must be communicated in writing to The Pool Pump Cover™ before shipment of the product(s) otherwise it is deemed that the order is correct as per the order form.
  4. Due to the size of the product, The Pool Pump Cover™ does not generally offer exchanges for incorrect products ordered.
  5. In the event an incorrect order is placed by the customer and The Pool Pump Cover™ agrees to an exchange, we will charge a cost per panel for every panel that needs to be replaced. Panel costs vary depending on size and type. Additionally, an administration fee of $110 and a delivery fee will apply. The delivery fee will depend on location
  6. The Pool Pump Cover™ does not offer any guarantees with regards the life of the following as this will depend on the location and level of exposure to the elements and geographical location:
    • the powder coating
    • the acoustic foam
    • the gas struts
  7. The Pool Pump Cover™ offers a pro-rata 7-year warranty on all other parts of the box. Proof of purchase is required, and warranties are not transferable. This warranty does not cover:
    • Intentional or accidental damage to the parts caused by the customer, natural disasters, or act of God
    • Where the parts have been altered, or tampered with
    • Where the parts were installed incorrectly
    • Limitations apply to no rust warranty for sea spray zones or coastal environments

How To Order

Orders for our Pool Filter / Pump sheds can be placed in 3 ways: