Top 4 Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool Pump Cover

If you have a pool, you are no stranger to pool maintenance. Some aspects of pool maintenance are time-consuming and complicated. Measuring chemicals, skimming leaves, and putting the pool cover on every night are all important.

The most important pool maintenance, however, is making sure your swimming pool filter pump is in good condition. Without the filter pump, the pool will not be usable. Protecting your pool pump can be easy and cost-effective, especially when you consider the cost of a pump replacement.

At The Pool Pump Cover company, we specialize in manufacturing swimming pool filter / pump covers and enclosures.  Our pool filter boxes are soundproof with a state-of-the-art unique design that can all be assembled in as little as 15 minutes – and without any nuts or bolts!

The Pool pump covers provide benefits like noise reduction, improved cosmetic appeal of your poolside area, and even additional storage for maintenance equipment.

So What is a Pool Pump You Say?

Well, a pool pump is a machine that keeps your pool filter system functioning properly. It pulls water through the filter and returns it to the pool, acting kind of like the heart of the pool’s circulation system.

As you might have guessed, you will have a costly problem on your hands if the pool pump stops working. Even minor damage can reduce the life expectancy of your pool filter pump. The pump itself is designed to last at least 10 years on average. Proper maintenance and protection are a must to avoidable replacement.

Read on to see how our pool filter pump covers can protect the pump and keep your pool in good condition for as long as possible. 

Top 4 Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool Pump Cover - Pool Pump

1.    Protecting The Pool Pump from The Elements

While your pool pump is made to move water, it is not fully sealed off from the environment. This is because pool pump motors are air-cooled and rely on airflow to prevent them from overheating.

Because the pump is not waterproof, you’ll need to protect your pool pump from the elements to keep it working properly.  Our pool pump covers are designed to provide excellent protection from elements like wind, rain, snow, and even the sun.

Wind and Rain

Wind and rain can cause debris to fall from trees, move dirt or sand into the filter, or introduce other risks to the pool pump. A pool pump cover prevents dirty water from getting into the motor of your pool pump which would lead to corrosion and damage over time. A properly fitted cover will protect the pump from wind-blown leaves and branches as well. Debris thrown by the wind can damage the external housing or the tubing.

Even if the pool filter pump is not directly rained on, exposure to the wind and rain can lead to oxidation over time. This will degrade the housing that protects the more sensitive internal components, making serious damage more likely. This is why a well-fitted pool pump cover is so important.

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice can cause severe damage to pool pumps if they are not protected. Like your garden hose, pool pump lines can freeze. Some internal components of the pool pump are also sensitive to the cold. Snow or freezing rain could coat an unprotected pool pump and cause serious damage. Water within the pump will expand as it freezes. This would result in you needing to completely replace the pump. 

Plastic components can also become brittle in cold temperatures, making them more susceptible to breaking down during normal use. Ice or snow building up on the pump housing is definitely not something you want to have happen. 

In addition to blocking snow and ice, a swimming pool filter box creates a pocket of air around the pool pump and heater equipment. When the weather gets cold, this pocket of air insulates the pump and reduces the risk of freezing. Therefore it is important to choose a pool box cover that is big enough for all of your equipment and leave it in place throughout the winter.  

If you don’t have a water heater for your pool, you probably don’t swim during the winter. In this case, you should disconnect the pump from the water lines when the weather cools down. This process is known as winterization. Around the same time you disconnect your lawn irrigation, winterize your pool pump and keep the cover on for the rest of the season. Your cover will keep your pump in good condition until you’re ready to swim again.



If you live in a warm climate you are probably not concerned about ice and snow. However, the sun can cause serious damage to your pool pump as well. Direct sunlight can damage rubber seals, tubing, and other parts of your pool filter pump. Additionally, most new pumps are made of plastic. These are durable but can warp as a result of extreme temperatures. Of course, there’s also the motor you need to consider. Sunny weather makes it easier for the motor to overheat, even if it has adequate airflow.  

Sun damage can reduce the life expectancy of your pool pump Insufficient protection can ruin your pump in just a few years. You should install an opaque pool filter enclosure and leave it in place year-round, no matter what kind of climate you live in.

2.    Reduction of noise around the pool

Pool owners benefit from a more peaceful poolside experience. A noisy filter pump can be disruptive, especially if you are worried about disturbing your neighbors. It’s difficult to enjoy your pool and relax if you are listening to the motor whirring away. A soundproof enclosure for the pool filter pump is a great solution to this problem.

With a pool pump cover, you can run your pool filter pump overnight without worrying about the noise it makes. This way you can keep your pool well maintained with no disruption while you are using the pool.

Our soundproof pool pump enclosures start from as little as $1999 depending on the model and size of your pump. If you want something custom made, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs and can be assembled by just about anyone with a little DIY know-how.  

The outcome is well worth the investment: our swimming pool filter pump covers are able to reduce the operating noise by about 90%.  

3.    Creating A More Beautiful Poolside Area

Pool equipment can be unsightly. It can also be a hazard for children or pets. A pool filter enclosure does not need to be luxurious, but it contributes to the cosmetic appeal of your poolside area.  

Our pool pump covers come in many colors and sizes to suit your poolside area. Consider a pool filter pump cover to compliment your home exterior or combine your pool pump cover with a pergola that gives you a shaded lounging area. These improvements make your swimming pool feel well designed and luxurious.

Top 4 Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool Pump Cover - Beautiful Poolside Area

4.    Providing Storage for Other Equipment

Our pool pump covers can also be used to store your pool equipment alongside your pool pump.  Offering an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution too. By having the pump fully enclosed along with your skimmer, your pool vacuum unit, any pool floaties etc. will keep your pool area clean and organized.

Our pool pump cover provides adequate space for your maintenance technicians to easily service your pool pump equipment.  They are well designed and ventilated to ensure a perfect operating environment is maintained. 

Choosing the right pool pump cover

We have developed a wizard to help you choose your perfect pool pump cover.

Our soundproof enclosures come in a variety of standard sizes and are readily available in stock.

We cater for a variety of configurations including backless boxes, additional side access, various heights, widths, and depths. We can also custom fabricate on request.

All you need to do is choose from our available widths, depths and heights as required revealing details of the relevant model suitable to your needs.

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